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The Freshly Ground Story

The Trumpet building, a landmark structure in the vibrant Keyes Art Mile, is renowned for its contemporary space dedicated to local art and design galleries. Freshly Ground Coffee is more than just a cafe; it's a haven for the community, offering a distinctive experience in a stunning setting.


Step into Freshly Ground, a lifestyle destination where our carefully curated menu awaits. Trendy breakfast options to enticing lunch and dinner selections, every dish is crafted with care to tantalize the taste buds of every discerning palate. The introduction of a fully licensed bar adds a touch of sophistication, making Freshly Ground the perfect spot for a relaxing evening or a social gathering.


Our venue boasts stunning decor that complements the artistic ambiance of Keyes Art Mile. It's not just a restaurant; it's a haven for creativity, conversations, and community connections.


Freshly Ground is not only an ideal spot for early risers but also a welcoming venue for those looking to unwind after a long day. And that's not all – beyond our regular operating hours, Freshly Ground transforms into the perfect space for small, niche events. Our venue offers a unique and versatile setting that can be tailored to accommodate a variety of gatherings, making it an attractive choice for intimate celebrations, meetings, and gatherings.


Join us at Freshly Ground Rosebank, where every cup tells a story, and every dish is a celebration of flavours. Experience the fusion of exceptional coffee, culinary delights, and a warm, welcoming ambiance in the heart of Keyes Art Mile. We look forward to becoming your go-to destination for memorable moments and community connections.

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